How do I install ZeroOut?

How do I install ZeroOut?

1. Make sure that you are logged in to your Shopify store and go to the ZeroOut Shopify App page:

2. Select ‘Add app’ button.

3. The next page will show the list of permissions that you are granting ZeroOut that it will use to take actions in your Shopify store. You may review it before selecting the ‘Install app’ button.

4. Next, you will be asked to provide or assign the payment method to be used for the monthly billing of the app. Then, click the ‘Approve’ button. ZeroOut will charge a $10.00 fee every 30 days or $99.00 for an annual commitment.  Both plans include a 3-day free trial.

5. You have successfully installed ZeroOut app into your Shopify store. You should now be able to get your sold-out products under control.

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